Craig Sterling


Craig is CEO of CuanTec, LTD, based in Oban, Scotland. CuanTec is working with fisheries and natural food sources to maximise the value of all they harvest in order to reduce the impact that food waste and plastic pollution have on our world. CuanTec's mission is to replace plastics with natural and compostable CuanSaveTM packaging and replace harsh chemicals with natural Chitin-based solutions while eliminating the carbon emissions associated with waste processing, plastics and chemicals.

Craig's rich career history allows him to bring valuable knowledge and skills to CuanTec and aligns perfectly with CuanTec's ethos of "Using waste to eliminate waste naturally". Coming to Scotland from California, Craig has held leadership positions with key businesses throughout his career in the Life and Material Sciences sectors. He has experience in founding businesses, Product and Business Development, technology acquisition, global licensing, as well as leading several successful products launches in technologies across global markets.

In his personal life, Craig enjoys lots of outdoor activities including golf, hiking, skiing, diving, and mountain biking. These hobbies led to his natural love and appreciation of the environment, including active participation in environmental causes such as Friends of Ballona Wetlands; an organisation for the restoration and protection of wetlands and Heal The Bay, both in the Los Angeles area.


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